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Blog Has Moved
Thursday, August 03, 2006

This Blog Has Moved To http://www.solidsblog.com

This Blog Has Moved To http://www.solidsblog.com
This Blog Has Moved To http://www.solidsblog.com
This Blog Has Moved To http://www.solidsblog.com
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Sorry I haven't updated
Monday, July 24, 2006

This Blog Has Moved To http://www.solidsblog.com

First of all I would like to apolagize for posting so late, Don't worry I have a bribe for that later.

Anyway I have been so busy with a couple of new projects, I really haven't had a chane to do much, trust me being a success online is not as easyas some claim, nevertheless I'm a stubborn guy.

My new project Exclusive-Reviews is coming a long fine, a bit more work then I expected but all good, though I may have to hire a freelance writer for that. Hopefully that should be completed with a couple of weeks, nothing great but it's something.

I have been so busy I haven't been able to do much with TheMillionDollarBlogSite but remember it's a place to promote your blogs for FREE so why not?

Finally that bribe I told you about is an excellent peice of reading. It's Brad Callens SEO made easy, It's fairly long so it should keep you busy till my next update. :-)

Right click and save as, you need Adobe reader.

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New Project
Saturday, July 22, 2006

This Blog Has Moved To http://www.solidsblog.com

Hi guys sorry I haven't updated for a few days I have been busy working on a new project.

The project is bascially a website which will have a newspaper style layout and will review blogs and websites (I am hoping to expand to more stuff later). The site will be updated weekly and will have about 5 websites and 5 blogs per week. Currently I will be offering FREE reviews to some people including all those on my mailing list. I will contact you guys whwn it's ready and give you first glimpses.

So hopefully should be finished in a week or two, I'm also working on another project but that won't be ready for some time, so I have been quite busy.

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Google Ups Bid Prices!
Tuesday, July 18, 2006

This Blog Has Moved To http://www.solidsblog.com

Today I recieved an email from Perry Marshall, a expert in term of Google Adwords. Anyway the email was a bit alarming and I had to go and check my Google Adwords account to make sure I wasn't affected too.

The email:

Last Week a whole slew of advertisers woke up
and saw their 5, 10 and 25 cent clicks go up to
$5.00 and $10.00.

Reactions to this were typically curses and
statements like "This is totally asinine" and
"Who do these people think they are, totally
screwing up my business and giving me, like,
no explanation whatsoever?"

Welcome to the land of Google, who pretty
much leaves it to others (like me) to explain
to their customers the logic of what they do
and how their system actually works.

I picked up the phone and start comparing notes
with Bryan and some of my coaching members....
Plus we had a Roundtable meeting Thursday and Friday.
By Thursday afternoon we'd pretty much cracked the
code on this thing.

I sent a detailed update to Renaissance Club
members on Friday morning, and got even more
confirmations, based on a lot of experimentation.

-->Here's the deal:

If Google thinks that your website in general has
"a lot of content" or "a fair amount of content" then
you probably didn't get whacked.

If Google thinks that your website in general has
"very little content" or "no content" (as defined by
what their bot thinks when it spiders your site),
then they just jack your bids way, way up.

The easiest workaround is just put your landing
page on a different site, i.e. one that has a lot of
articles and stuff on it, and normally they'll accept
your bids. Instantly, if you do it from a different
Google account.

If your landing page has no links on it, which is
generally the best way to make a landing page,
it might also be good to add some. (Not that
those links need to be obvious to the naked eye.)

If your site has no content, then.... you'll need
to add some. Surely this can't be terribly hard!

The overall picture here is that Google wants the
right (paid) side of the page to deliver an experience
more like what they already reward on the left (free)
side of the page. Which, I guess, is a whole bunch
of free information and not asking people to do anything,
like opt-in, register or buy. Google's guidlines say this,
too, BTW.

Now when I'm advertising and paying for the clicks,
I prefer to decide what the visitors get. And you should
too. But at the same time, Google gets to decide what
the rules are and they don't even even have to tell you
what they are.

Hey, at least I told ya. And remember, you can have
plenty of content on your site and still maintain control
of the user experience from the landing page. This you
must do.

--->Is Google Evil?

On this change in particular I've seen a LOT of
people angry about Google's attitude that they
think they own the world.

The reason Google has this attitude is... because
they DO own the world. At least a big part of the
Internet world. Right?

If I were you I would not expect Google to get any
friendlier anytime soon.

What you can expect is that the game will
get more mature with time, that it will be harder
for new people to enter markets easily. And people
who continually sharpen their axe will win big.

Remember this: Every time Google makes a
Big Change, the weak-willed get thrown off the
bucking bronco and the strong become stronger.
You get to decide which you are.

I strongly suggest you too check your Google Adwords acounts if you have one.

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